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Egg Cake with Tomato Paste

Date:2012-02-08 16:50:42

Main Material:
One egg, 30g tomato and appropriate amount of radish leaf
Auxiliary Material:
A small amount of salt and pepper

1. Cut tomato into 1.5cm small dices.
2. Beat up the egg evenly, add an appropriate amount of salt, ground pepper and tomato paste and mix evenly.
3. Lay a layer of plastic wrap on a dish, place the materials in Step 2, then cover with a layer of plastic wrap and heat in a microwave oven for 40 seconds. Take out and mix up, cover with a layer of plastic wrap again and heat for 40 seconds, take out and remove the plastic wrap, fold the egg in half by lulling the bottom layer of plastic wrap, and then trim it into a regular shape.
4. Plate the egg into a vessel, and add radish leaf aside for decoration.

This dish is cooked with a microwave oven, and microwave heating time is 1 minute and 20 seconds.

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